We have 2 production lines:

1)The first is for producing refined & extra refined salt.

The salt is mechanically washed through 4 huge tanks and then separate the salt from brine solution through centrifuge and then the salt is dried in fluid bed dryer with hot air at 120 degree Celsius.

After that the salt is packed in different sizes with different grades with 98.5%

Purity, The packs are 25, 50 kilo grams poly propylene laminated packs and 1 ton bag also laminated. 1 kilo, 500 grams, 350 grams and 250 grams packs, as well as 2 grams sachets

The grades of the salt are fine, coarse A, coarse B, powder salt

2) Our second production line is the vacuum salt and we are proud to be the first company and the only one in the private sector to produce that kind of salt in Egypt.

this salt is produced by the way of evaporation of salt solution in an evaporation pan under vacuum (pressure<1 bar) in a 25 meter long tower totally automatically controlled through PLC.

According to that kind of process we guarantee salt purity > 99.8%.

This high pure salt comes from the pure brine we made through filtration and chemical treatment and for any impurities that remain in the solution

Our plant body is made of Monel and Titanium which are very pure metals that never react with salt solution under temperature or pressure.

Our vacuum salt is packed in 25 kilo gram packs poly propylene laminated and poly ethylene 150 micron thick with vacuum sealing.