Household uses:

The most familiar use of salt undoubtedly is in the kitchen and on the dining table. Salt improves the flavor of meat, brings out individuality of vegetables, No other seasoning has yet been found that can satisfactorily take the place of salt.

Food industry:

Nearly all canned and frozen foods require some salt for enhancing flavor, preserving or processing. Processing includes meat and fish packing and processing dairy products

Industrial Table salt:

A variety of materials, each of which is used in the production of many products, are produced by different treatments, or processing, of rock salt or salt brine.

Salt is used in tanning of leather and dying of process of garments.

Agricultural uses

It is more than it is used in foods for human consumption as all of this agricultural salt goes into animal diets, either in commercially mixed feeds, in loose or block form

It is vital to the health and production of livestock.

Ice removal

Salt has been used widely known as a very speedy, economic and efficient as the prime agent for removing snow and ice. Spreading salt on roads prevents snow from bonding to road surface when automobiles pack it down and in some cases of light snow, it frequently eliminates need for any plowing.